The Process

The lost wax casting process has been used for thousands of years and is still used today due to its accurate detail replication and the durability of the objects it creates.

Artisans Elisa & Janna use the process of lost wax casting when creating the Nanos Collection.

To create the “nanos” Elisa first carves the original model in wax that becomes the metal prototype. Using the prototype a rubber mold is made so that other wax “nanos” may be created. Each mold is then covered with plaster, the melted metal is added and the “nanos” are cast creating the unique square shape of each “nano”.
Once hardened, the “nanos” are then removed from the cast and each piece cleaned thoroughly and polished. Finally a coating is applied to each “nano” to protect it from oxidation.

The “nanos” are now ready to be mounted onto the alcantara and cotton cord ribbons and the process of the “Nano Collection” is complete.

As the collection is made in a small artisan laboratory rather than an industrial casting factory, each “nano” is one of a kind allowing for small imperfections that add to the uniqueness of each piece.