Paola Ferrari

Paola Ferrari
Paola Ferrari

The ultimate embodiment of a stylish Italian woman with a mission. Born in Milan, and based in Houston since 2006, Paola has over 30 years of experience in international engagement and entrepreneurship with a special focus in non-profit management. In 2009, she and her husband, researcher Dr. Mauro Ferrari, founded Accademia di Gagliato delle Nanoscienze, a non-profit that holds an annual invitation-only conference highlighting science and emerging technologies in medicine, in Calabria, Italy.

Fascinated by the stunning shapes and forms of the engineered nanoparticles used in her husband’s groundbreaking research, she found an innovative way to help support the work of NanoGagliato and its junior arm, NanoPiccola, which teaches hundreds of children ages 4-18 about the wonders of the nanoworld.

Nanoparticle research is one of the most studied branches of research in the world with infinite possibilities. Dr. Ferrari’s laboratories use the technology for a multiplicity of drug delivery applications, especially in cancer therapy.

Eager to translate the beauty of the nano images into wearable art, Paola designed her first “nanojewel” from a square piece of silicon containing 16,000 nanochannels encased in a frame of white gold which she wore as a pendant. The necklace was so well received that she soon began to create more wearable nanoparticle art jewelry .

Paola’s goal to produce a high quality and affordable line led her to partners Johanna Curti and Elisa Tummillo who own the must-visit ELISA&JANNA boutique in Matera, Italy. Johanna, a certified gemologist and Elisa, a goldsmith with an expertise in turning metal into jewelry, were eager to work with Paola, and the Nanos Collection was born.

The Nanos Collection was successfully unveiled in July 2016 at NanoGagliato 2016. The collection uses silver, copper and bronze to design hand-cast necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cuff links and key chains highlighting the unique nano shape.


elisa and janna
Elisa & Janna

Armed with a Fine Arts degree, an aptitude for sculpture and a diploma in goldsmithery, Italian Elisa Tummillo opened her own studio in Matera, Italy in 2006. Johanna Curti, originally from Sweden and a qualified gemologist, had moved to Matera after 10 years’ experience with some of London’s more exclusive jewelers. Their meeting in 2009 promoted an explosion of design ideas and the Elisa&Janna partnership was born.

In their tiny atelier in lovely old Piazza Sedile, Elisa&Janna design and produce bold sculpture jewelry using silver, copper and bronze (see the Nanos Collection), natural gemstones as well as discarded copper plumbing pipes, electrical wires, textiles and various other salvaged materials.

Their aim is to create unique and elegant jewels.